SPI International's Gametoon and FightBox Launch in Mongolia via THEMA Asia-Pacific

The two CANAL+ companies SPI International and THEMA join forces to bring SPI’s highly sought-after channels Gametoon and FightBox to Mongolia.  This marks SPI International's first launch in the country and reinforces the company's commitment to expanding its reach to new audiences.

Starting from April 1st, viewers in Mongolia can now enjoy Gametoon and FightBox on Mongolsat's DTH and OTT services, the country's leading multi-channel broadcaster. With the addition of these two channels, Mongolian viewers will now have access to a range of sports and entertainment content. Viewers can tune in to channel 601 for Gametoon and channel 602 for FightBox.

“Mongolia is a new territory for the SPI channels. We are excited to bring new entertainment channels to this market and help Mongolsat to differentiate its lineup,” said Alexandre Bac, Managing Director at THEMA Asia Pacific.

"We are thrilled to partner with THEMA ASIA-PACIFIC and to bring our channels Gametoon and FightBox to the viewers in Mongolia," said Murat Muratoglu, Head of Distribution at SPI International. "We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our global footprint and this launch represents a key milestone for SPI International in the Asia-Pacific region."

Bumchin Namshir, Director of MongolSat Networks, says “We are happy to be partnering with THEMA for FightBox and Gametoon. Our herders’ families and young adults will have the opportunity to enjoy these channels and keep up with gamers from all around the world. The addition of FightBox brings a unique aspect to our programming, complementing our traditional wrestling competitions. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and thank you for partnering with us’’.

Gametoon is a channel dedicated to esports and video games, offering a wide variety of gaming-related content, including game reviews, esports tournaments, and walkthroughs. FightBox, on the other hand, is a combat sports channel, showcasing various forms of martial arts and combat sports from around the world.

About THEMA:

THEMA, a CANAL + Group Company is a distributor of pay TV channels, Fast channels and non-linear contents to cable, IPTV, DTH, operators and also for mobile packages and OTT. THEMA helps the development of more than 180 TV channels worldwide and builds strong partnerships with major pay TV platforms in France, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Canada and USA/LATAM thanks to its expertise in TV content distribution, TV packaging and marketing strategy. www.thematv.com


SPI International (a CANAL+ company) is a global media company operating 62 TV channels, multiple digital products across six continents, and a major player in content distribution and broadcasting worldwide. SPI operates multiple free-to-air and pay-TV channels in CEE, Western Europe, Asia and Adria regions including key European markets such as Poland, Czechia, Romania, Serbia and the Netherlands. SPI Group owns a suite of legacy brands that have become household names such as FilmBox, Film1, Kino Polska, Stopklatka, Dizi along with different thematic channels and streaming services, including FilmBox+.  Working with over 700 operators worldwide, SPI uses cutting-edge technology providing its subscribers with access to SPI’s linear and on-demand content. For over 25 years, SPI INTERNATIONAL has been a leading supplier of theatrical films and television programming in the international markets. SPI’s solid alliances with major license suppliers provide compelling content, with strong recognition and high demand. www.spiintl.com


MongolSat Networks LLC is a 100% nationally invested satellite and space communication technology enterprise in Mongolia. Multichannel television and radio transmission services are provided through satellite in all territories of Mongolia, in restricted areas, and in areas without networks. The coverage of TELSTAR 18 VANTAGE satellite covers all of Mongolia and the surrounding regions of Mongolia, providing smooth signals and signals with high power (56dBW). All users of Mongolsat devices receive 23 Mongolian broadcasting televisions, 2 radios and Mongolsat channels, even if they do not pay for the package. We have multi-channel transmission services via Internet, Internet-based landlines, and dish antennas and we broadcast services of many Mongolian and foreign channels through satellite throughout Mongolia.