SPI International Powers Vodafone Turkey Mobile TV Service

8 SPI/Filmbox channels and Filmbox On Demand service are now available via Vodafone Mobile TV service in Turkey

Eight channels from SPI’s portfolio are being launched by Vodafone Turkey’s newly introduced Vodafone TV. Vodafone has 23.6 million mobile subscribers in Turkey and is the second largest mobile operator player in the territory.

The channel line-up picked up by Vodafone TV includes: FilmBox and FilmBox Art House, FightBox, Fast&FunBox, DocuBox, FashionBox and 360 TuneBox.

In addition to linear channels, SPI’s newest digital service Filmbox On Demand is also available at Vodafone TV where users are able to select movies and thematic titles within an extensive catalogue of Filmbox On Demand and enjoy the movies in the highest quality possible.
Watching SPI channels and Filmbox On Demand service will not effect users mobile internet package quotations.


FilmBox On Demand

Engin Aksoy, Vice President of the Executive Board of Vodafone Turkey, said that they could meet all sorts of communications needs of their customers from a single point by enriching their service’s offering with the great help of SPI/Filmbox.
Expressing their satisfaction over the cooperation with Vodafone, the SPI Regional Manager for Turkey Murat Muratoglu said this collaboration will lead SPI to reach a wider audience and will allow more people to have access to Filmbox channels.
Muratoglu went on to say: "Accessibility to our channels without consuming mobile internet will lead to an extensive usage. As a result, we assume that access to our channels via Vodafone will rise significantly. We continue to present the most exclusive and rich content to the audiences in proportion to the ever-increasing number of our users. In this respect, we have received highly positive feedback from our users all over Turkey. We will continue to introduce Filmbox channels and content to new viewers by strengthening our cooperation with Vodafone."