SPI/FILMBOX and UPC DTH launch Filmbox Live online service on Focus Sat in Romania

SPI International / FILMBOX and the satellite television services provider Focus Sat operated in Romania by UPC DTH have extended their collaboration offering complimentary access to Filmbox Live online service to all Focus Sat’s customers who subscribe to the FILMBOX channels pack.

A monthly subscription to the FILMBOX Premium Pack allows Focus Sat customers to enjoy six premium movie channels from the SPI/FILMBOX portfolio including FilmBox Premium, FilmBox Extra HD, FilmBox Plus, FilmBox Family, DocuBox HD and FightBox HD.  Filmbox subscription also includes access to Filmbox Live, an online streaming service allowing subscribers to watch live-streaming channels and enjoy the Filmbox VOD library with unlimited access to the Filmbox Live multiscreen on-demand service.


Filmbox Live on-demand library contains hundreds of titles including major Hollywood productions such as the Oscar-winning drama DALLAS BUYERS CLUB starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, a crime comedy SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS with Sam Rockwell, Collin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken and KILL THE MESSENGER with Jeremy Renner (THE BOURNE LEGACY, AVENGERS).  In addition to films and videos streamed in HD Filmbox Live also features content in Ultra HD quality.

What distinguishes Filmbox Live from most of the content streaming services is that Filmbox Live also allows users to watch an extended line-up of live TV channels including:  the movie channels FilmBox, FilmBox Plus, FilmBox Family, FilmBox Extra HD, FilmBox Premium,  DocuBox HD - a documentary channel, FightBox HD for martial arts lovers, FashionBox HD, 360 TuneBox for music addictsFilmBox Art House with independent and art house movies as well as Fast&FunBox HD dedicated to extreme and adrenaline sports.

"We are very excited to extend our existing Filmbox Pack on Focus Sat.  This full viewing experience is all-inclusive, ad-free, premium TV and multiscreen entertainment.  It allows subscribers to enjoy an extensive library of top quality and diverse programming content anywhere they want – with a single subscription,” said Berk Uziyel, executive director for SPI International/FILMBOX. “Thanks to the ongoing collaboration with UPC DTH FilmBox Live is now one of the leading VOD platforms in the region featuring not only movies on-demand but also non-stop, unlimited access to several live-streaming channels,” Mr. Uziyel added.

“After successfully launching Filmbox Live for UPC DTH customers in HU/CZ/SK in November 2016, we are pleased to make Filmbox Live also available to Focus Sat customers in Romania.  This will further enhance our multi-screen services providing our customers with more movies and thematic content.” said Catalin Itu, VP Sales and Operations in UPC DTH.

For more information about the offers please visit Focus Sat Romania