Tune up for 360 Tune Box

Tune up for 360 Tune Box

New York, May 16th, 2013 - Fans of music television will soon be able to enjoy a new TV channel presenting 24 hours of music videos which are hard to find on major mainstream networks. SPI International has just announced it will launch its brand new 360TuneBox channel on June 1st.

360TuneBox is addressed to young urban middle class adults whose musical interests go beyond the mainstream array of popular artists who occupy the top lists on the existing music channels. Instead of putting an emphasis on the brand names from the global music industry, 360TuneBox will play a large variety of music videos by the breakthrough and emerging artists from all over the world.

The new channel is designed to be an all-day musical companion feeding viewers with a constant flow of music videos in sync with the energy and moods typical for every part of the day: starting with a stimulating morning selection followed by a moderate pace  in the early PM hours and blending into either chill down beats or party tracks throughout the evening and night.

The new music channel will offer a true variety of musical genres, from urban hip hop, to pop, indie rock and electronica among many others. While selecting video content for the channel, the main criteria will be the high quality of the performers. 360TuneBox will not be limited by the artist’s country of origin or language.

360 Tune Box will be available worldwide for DTH, Cable, IPTV, Mobile, Connected TV/Smart TV as a linear channel as well as a multi-screen app allowing viewers to watch the channel on any Internet-connected device.

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