SPI launches Ultra HD application on Amazon Fire TV and FUNBOX 4K/UHD channel on HOT BIRD

SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group unveils an Ultra HD on-demand streaming app on Amazon Fire TV and replaces the FUNBOX 4K/UHD demo loop on Eutelsat’s HOT BIRD satellite with a full-fledged channel – the global TV operator announced today.

FUNBOX 4K/UHD – new application launched on Amazon Fire TV

FUNBOX 4K/UHD online streaming service from SPI International has been successfully launched on Amazon Fire TV, allowing users with UHD-supported TV sets to enjoy an on-demand library of native UHD programming which features documentaries, arts/culture, sports and lifestyle content in Ultra High Definition. Amazon Fire TV is currently available in the US, the UK, Germany, Austria and Japan. 
FUNBOX 4K/UHD is an on-demand streaming application which SPI International developed to make the best quality UHD content available to the most innovative OTT platforms such as Amazon Fire TV.  With the FUNBOX 4K/UHD app, the audience will receive more nuance and detail, exceptional contrast dynamics and extended colors - the best TV experience possible today.  

This video app is based on a unique, emotionally appealing and intuitive video-based user interface developed by Munich’s studio COENO that lets the user dive into the high-resolution imagery right at the start of the app and while browsing through the video catalog. 

FUNBOX 4K/UHD – from demo to full-fledged channel 

Throughout the past year SPI offered a free-to-air demo version of FUNBOX 4K/UHD, however Eutelsat and SPI have recently switched from the demo loop to a full channel. FUNBOX will also start to be encrypted effective October 22nd. The full version of FUNBOX 4K/UHD features compelling prime time programming such as LA BOHEME – a cinematic opera captured in UHD and THE SEA CHEF – a documentary series hosted by Ángel León, a two-Michelin starred chef who goes for authentic sea flavor all over the coast of Spain. FUNBOX 4K/UHD also airs native UHD documentaries on nature, wildlife, human civilization, music videos and arts/culture content.  

SPI’s Ultra HD channel offers plenty of entertainment value for a variety of audiences, allowing viewers to experience more nuance and detail, contrast dynamics and extended colors. FUNBOX 4K/UHD features new content shot in High Dynamic Range 4K. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG systems are the latest development of the UHD standard and they guarantee an extraordinary color depth as well as a never before seen strong contrast between the bright parts and the dark parts of the image. 
“We are offering a truly unique app and a linear channel which attract subscribers because of the highest quality service,” says Berk Uziyel, Executive Director at SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group. “We have built our satellite distribution and broadcasting on Eutelsat and successfully launched our 4K app with Amazon. The channel is currently carried by operators in Portugal, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and also in Turkey,” Mr. Uziyel adds.