SPI International to Produce Three Additional “Mister Mayfair” Movies Directed by Philippe Martinez with Casper Van Dien Joining the Cast

SPI International announces that they will produce three additional movies about the ups and downs of former New York gangster Max Mayfair with renowned actor Casper Van Dien joining the cast. The first three “Mister Mayfair” movies will be screened for the first time at MIPCOM on Monday, October 14th, between 2:30 PM and 3:45 PM in Auditorium K, Palais des Festivals   

SPI International, 365 Flix International and UK based Goldfinch, announced that they have finished the first three movies about former New York gangster turned London nightclub owner Max Mayfair, produced in collaboration with Highfield Grange Studios and MSR media. The first three Mister Mayfair movies will be screened for the first time at MIPCOM on Monday, October 14th. SPI International felt so strongly about the quality of the three original movies that a new trilogy about Mister Mayfair will be produced.   

The gangster comedy Mister Mayfair revolves around former New York gangster Max Mayfair, who moves to London and opens a nightclub frequented by the capital’s most glamorous crowd. At sixty-five, nothing can stop him – except the arrival of his unknown granddaughter who slams into Max’s life like a freight train, bearing stories of his past as a safe-cracking, New York gangster.             

SPI International will hold a Market Screening for Mister Mayfair at MIPCOM on October 14th, Monday, between 2:30 PM and 3:45 PM in Auditorium K, Palais des Festivals. The audience will have the chance to watch 15 mins from each of the first three Mister Mayfair movies.

SPI International couldn’t be prouder of the first three Mister Mayfair movies. Working with Philippe and Goldfinch proved to be a very productive partnership.  I look forward to start producing the next three movies of Mister Mayfair which I’m confident that viewers will enjoy very much,” said Loni Farhi, President of SPI International.

Scriptwriting and scouting for the new trilogy are already in the works in the UK and Marrakesh. Armand Assante, Nathalie Cox and Soraya Torrens will star in the next chapter. Another exciting addition to the cast of the new Mister Mayfair trilogy is the renowned actor Casper Van Dien. The deal was brokered with Jeff Goldberg who represents Van Dien. The actor also stars in another co-production with director Philippe Martinez called Salvage Marines, which tells the story of a group of soldiers on a militarized deep space operation.  

“The Entertainment industry today is a global phenomenon the likes of which are unprecedented, and the competition for distribution has never been more aggressive,” said Armand Assante, the star of Mister Mayfair. “On behalf of the production team beginning with Loni and Alan, I wish to congratulate our longtime friend writer/director Philippe Martinez on creating an unforgettable combination of music, rhythm, and laughter with Mister Mayfair since day one. We are about to embark on our second trilogy. Philippe, we are with you because of the energy, creativity, and excitement you bring to the set each and every day,” continued Assante.

“I could not be more pleased by Loni’s decision along with our other partners Kirsty Bell and Alan Latham to produce the second trilogy. They all felt that the joy, music, and quality of what they saw in the first trilogy will have the audience wanting to know the next chapter of Max Mayfair adventures. This is really a fun ride for all of us, and Armand is simply phenomenal in the role” said director and producer Philippe Martinez.  

The new Mister Mayfair trilogy will again be directed by Philippe Martinez and produced in partnership with SPI International and British producer Alan Latham, Loni Farhi and Philippe Martinez with Goldfinch and 365 Flix International.  


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