Skylink, Slovak Telekom, DIGI Slovakia and T-Mobile Czech Republic Launch CANAL+ Action

 Following the successful launch of CANAL+ Sport in the previous months, Skylink, Slovak Telekom, DIGI Slovakia and T-Mobile Czech Republic will enrich their content offering with the brand new CANAL+ Action. Starting February 28th, the channel will be available on Skylink and from March 1st, it will be available on the rest of the operators with Czech dubbing.

The international media company CANAL+ is expanding its activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Starting February 28th, CANAL+ Action which broadcasts action movies and series with Czech dubbing, will be available via satellite and Internet TV on the Skylink and freeSAT platforms. Subscribers to T-Mobile, Slovak Telekom and DIGI Slovakia will have access to the channel as of March 1st. CANAL+ Action will offer selected exclusive titles and Czech and Slovak premieres, such as the critically-acclaimed action comedy Everything Everywhere All at Once, which is nominated for an Oscar in 11 categories.

‘’Following our successful entry into sports broadcasting last year in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we plan to expand into films and series this year, starting with the action genre. With the launch of CANAL+ Action, we aim to offer viewers high-quality action programming, with minimal advertising interruptions within a single program,’’ commented Ladislav Řeháček, VP CANAL+ Luxembourg for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

‘’We're thrilled to collaborate with all of our partners and Ladislav Řeháček to introduce CANAL+ Action to new markets. Our mutual goal is to continuously improve the value we provide to our partners and customers while delivering top-notch entertainment across the board,’’ adds Berk Uziyel, CEO of SPI international, which is now part of the CANAL+ Group and in charge of B2B distribution of CANAL+ products within the territory.
In addition to premiere titles, CANAL+ Action will also present popular action evergreens with A-list stars such as The Expendables 2: Back for War and Escape Plan with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other action legends. During the first month of broadcasting, viewers will be able to watch the Oscar-winning The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio and the highly rated Canadian series Plan B which explores the implications of time travel and altering the course of events.
CANAL+ Luxembourg will distribute the channel not only through its own satellite and internet TV platform Skylink, but also through the Deutsche Telekom Group companies: T-Mobile Czech Republic, DIGI Slovakia and Slovak Telekom.
"After the summer launch of CANAL+ Sport, this is another premium content that we are presenting to our viewers. At the same time, I am very pleased that we have managed to negotiate a special offer with the international CANAL+ Group and we can therefore introduce the new channel to all T-Mobile TV customers, regardless of tariff, for a minimum of one month. After that, it will be included in the offer of M and higher tariffs," said Zdeněk Spurný, TV and Entertainment Manager at T-Mobile.
"We are pleased that, following the successful cooperation with CANAL+ Sport, the new CANAL+ Action channel will become part of our program catalog and our subscribers can enjoy the high-quality offer of action movies and series," commented Michal Mažár, Marketing and Sales Director of DIGI Slovakia.
"The cooperation with the television company CANAL+ has opened up wider opportunities for the dissemination of interesting television content. After last year's launch of CANAL+ Sport, we are adding a new TV channel from March 1st, which will be appreciated by viewers of action titles. The new CANAL+ Action channel will offer action-themed films, which will include proven classics with immortal actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Liam Neeson. For viewers who have missed a good dose of adrenaline so far, CANAL+ Action will be deployed from the beginning of March on all TV platforms such as Magio TV via the Internet (Magio GO), Magio IPTV and Magio Sat and will be available in the L and XL programme packages," adds Marcel Šatánek, TV and Entertainment Manager at Slovak Telekom.


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