Digi TV Expands their Portfolio with Captivating Content from FilmBox

Wide range of content via new channels will offer viewers even more film experiences.

Prague, September24, 2018 – SPI/FilmBox International and Czech operator Digi TV decided to extend their long-term cooperation contract. As part of a recently signed agreement, the channels being offered by this operator will be further enhanced with four more channels from the FilmBox portfolio.
New channels will be available via classic DTH satellite broadcasting and also on the Digi2Go Internet television. The new additions are FilmBox Extra HDFilmBox FamilyDocuBox, and FightBox channels. Together with already available channels FilmBox,FilmBox Plus and FilmBox Premium HD, Digi TV will now offer seven SPI/FilmBox channels.
Our partnership with Digi TV has proven successful, so after a common agreement, we decided to continue with it. We are delighted to be able to provide interesting channels and programming offer to our viewers in this platform even in the futureAfter our success with 3 channels now we are adding 4 more channels. SPI is becoming a one stop shop strategic partner for operators to deliver more value to subscribers,” commented Tamas Fulop, CE Regional Director of Operation for SPI International.


The audience really has something to look forward to with the upcoming fall; FilmBox channels will introduce the latest television series Knightfall and Hard Sun, among others. The Former is an American historical-mystical series about an occult brotherhood guarding the Holy Grail, which will run on FilmBox. The Latter is a BBC-made detective series with a sci-fi feel that will be featured on FilmBox Premium HD.
Vladimír Rusnák, Executive Director of Digi TV, said: “By adding more channels from the FilmBox family, we will please the broad community of our users, whether they want the latest TV series, film classics, or exciting documentaries. Now our viewers have a wider array of channels of different genres that offer engaging content, while those seeking top image quality get more HD resolution channels.”

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RAI and FunBox UHD Create Strategic Partnership

Best of Italian operas to air on FUNBOX UHD platform

Opera aficionados will now have access to the most well-known Italian operas at the comfort of their own homes. SPI has formed a strategic deal with RAI, which is the biggest public channel broadcaster of Italy.

SPI will now present the famous opera Carmen on their FunBox UHD world channel and TV app that will be accessible to all viewers in 4K resolution. The Rome Opera House located in Italy introduced their opera performance to RAI in 2018 aiming to reach a wider international audience; that’s where SPI comes in. This one-of-a-kind opera was captured live in 4K and will now be aired globally through SPI’s channel and TV app as SPI acquired worldwide TV and VOD rights.

FUNBOX UHD is a global general entertainment channel broadcast in Ultra HD quality. It features compelling primetime programming including documentaries on nature, wildlife, society, music videos, sports, arts and culture, lifestyle content and more. In addition to linear broadcast FUNBOX UHD is also available as a streaming app on Amazon TV, Samsung TV and numerous local OTT platforms in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

RAI promotes and distributes TV related rights and Italian content in Italy and abroad. Rai created a project called ‘All Opera’ that brings the best Italian operas in cinemas all over the world. 

“We wanted to bring the best of the season from the greatest Italian theaters to the cinema in the world and partnering with SPI will expand our vision to at-home entertainment worldwide,” says Valentina Carrasca, stage director for Carmen. 

“We are proud to announce our partnership with RAI to create our unique RAI-FUNBOX UHD experience that will feature the best Italian opera content captured in breathtaking 4K resolution to our worldwide platform. Our agreement with RAI will only enhance the wide array of content that SPI has to offer,” says Berk Uziyel, Chief Executive Officer at SPI International.

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SPI International takes over majority of Stopklatka TV from Agora!

SPI International owned Kino Polska TV SA takes over majority of DTT station Stopklatka TV from Agora! Kino Polska becomes a top advertising player in Poland along with its prominent pay TV business.

SPI subsidiary Kino Polska TV SA, owner of television networks Kino Polska, Filmbox, Kino TV and Zoom TV has acquired from Agora SA 41% shares of Stopklatka SA (the company broadcasting Poland’s top terrestrial movie channel). As a result, Kino Polska TV SA now owns 82.6% shares becoming Stopklatka's majority stakeholder, which significantly strengthens KPTV’s position among the largest media groups in the country.
The deal followed a letter of intent and was signed earlier in March announcing the potential acquisition by Kino Polska TV SA of the entire Agora’s stake in Stopklatka.
- I am glad we have successfully completed this transaction. For us this is an important step in the implementation of the KP Group's strategy, which is to become one of the five biggest media groups in Poland. Taking over Stopklatka will result in a significant increase in the group's consolidated revenues and will present a number of benefits in such aspects as cost synergy, as well as in other areas including future negotiations with content suppliers - comments Boguslaw Kisielewski, Kino Polska TV SA Chairman of the Board.
Kino Polska TV SA has been Stopklatka’s shareholder since the channel was first broadcast in March 2014. Due to the TV know-how contributed by Kino Polska In content acquisition and distribution and with valuable support from SPI International the channel achieved spectacular success within a short period of time becoming the number one movie channel in Poland.
In August 2014, after only 6 months of broadcasting, Stopklatka TV gained 1% audience share in the commercial segment. In the past 10 years no other channel achieved such a result in such a short amount of time. The channel has been consistently growing revenues from advertising sales – in Q1 2018 they were 2.7% higher than in the same period of 2017.
- Stopklatka TV ideally fits our portfolio which features mostly movie channels. Thanks to Kino Polska’s television experience and its resources, the network leads the movie channel rankings. I feel joy Stopklatka is under our wings. Our primary objective is to grow our viewership and advertising sales from the DTT segment. At this point I’d like to thank Agora SA for the few years of fruitful cooperation - added Mr Kisielewski.

Stopklatka TV has nationwide reach and is available in DTT (MUX-1), as well as in most TV offers from major cable networks and DTH platforms. Stopklatka TV reports 11.4 million active subscribers.
Kino Polska TV SA is consistently building its position in the terrestrial television market. It is worth mentioning that this January the company became the sole owner of the Zoom TV terrestrial TV channel when acquired from the Polish Chamber of Electronic Communications 236 shares owned by Cable Television Networks & Partners sp. z o.o., the company broadcasting the channel. Stopklatka joins the Kino Polska TV SA portfolio consisting of Kino Polska, Kino Polska Muzyka and just mentioned Zoom TV.

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SPI/FILMBOX Launches 9 Channels in Lebanon and Expands Distribution in MENA With Exclusive Deal With Lebanese Network Broadcast (LNB)

SPI International / FILMBOX, global media company, announced today it has signed a distribution agreement with LNB to carry 9 international thematic channels from the SPI’s portfolio.

Broadcasting its premium content to cable operators and DTH providers, SPI will broadcast these worldwide thematic channels: FightBox HD, a 24/7 sports network with live international MMA events, DocuBox HD, a documentary channel covering nature, wild life, science and human civilization, Fast&FunBox HD, a lifestyle/sports channel with extreme adrenaline sports programming, FilmBox Art House, a movie channel presenting independent and classic films, Gametoon HD, a new interactive, eSports channel for millennials, FunBox UHD, a general entertainment channel featuring native Ultra HD content, FilmBox, a movie channel with films and TV series, and FashionBox HD, a worldwide TV network focusing on fashion trends.

“Since August 2017, the mission of LNB is to unify all wired cable operators under one platform and acquire copyrights for them,” says Fadel Hodroj, General Manager and CEO of LNB. “I am extremely pleased that we have established an exclusive deal with prestigious SPI International for the distribution of the popular FilmBox channels on all platforms for the territory of Lebanon. LNB and myself personally look forward to having a long term relationship with our new partner SPI International.”

“As SPI is committed to expanding its distribution footprint in MENA, we are excited to deliver top quality television programming to viewers in Lebanon thanks to the recent launch of our worldwide channels. Users can now enjoy a variety of genres on 9 different channels,” said Murat Muratoglu, SPI’s head of distribution for MENA, Turkey, APAC, Russia, CIS, Baltics, Bulgaria and Ex-Yugo.

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