SPI International Powers Vodafone Turkey Mobile TV Service

8 SPI/Filmbox channels and Filmbox On Demand service are now available via Vodafone Mobile TV service in Turkey

Eight channels from SPI’s portfolio are being launched by Vodafone Turkey’s newly introduced Vodafone TV. Vodafone has 23.6 million mobile subscribers in Turkey and is the second largest mobile operator player in the territory.

The channel line-up picked up by Vodafone TV includes: FilmBox and FilmBox Art House, FightBox, Fast&FunBox, DocuBox, FashionBox and 360 TuneBox.

In addition to linear channels, SPI’s newest digital service Filmbox On Demand is also available at Vodafone TV where users are able to select movies and thematic titles within an extensive catalogue of Filmbox On Demand and enjoy the movies in the highest quality possible.
Watching SPI channels and Filmbox On Demand service will not effect users mobile internet package quotations.


FilmBox On Demand

Engin Aksoy, Vice President of the Executive Board of Vodafone Turkey, said that they could meet all sorts of communications needs of their customers from a single point by enriching their service’s offering with the great help of SPI/Filmbox.
Expressing their satisfaction over the cooperation with Vodafone, the SPI Regional Manager for Turkey Murat Muratoglu said this collaboration will lead SPI to reach a wider audience and will allow more people to have access to Filmbox channels.
Muratoglu went on to say: "Accessibility to our channels without consuming mobile internet will lead to an extensive usage. As a result, we assume that access to our channels via Vodafone will rise significantly. We continue to present the most exclusive and rich content to the audiences in proportion to the ever-increasing number of our users. In this respect, we have received highly positive feedback from our users all over Turkey. We will continue to introduce Filmbox channels and content to new viewers by strengthening our cooperation with Vodafone."

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SPI’s FilmBox movie channel reaches 2 million subscribers in Czech Republic

Global media company SPI International / FILMBOX is rapidly expanding in the Czech TV market with FilmBox movie channel reaching nearly 2 million subscribers in January 2018.

FilmBox, a movie channel offering a wide selection of popular films and TV series currently has the biggest penetration in the Czech market among all pay TV channels. As of January 22nd, 2018 Skylink, the largest DTH platform in the Czech Rep. adds FilmBox to its Digital package thanks to which the movie network is now available to approximately 1 million Skylink’s subscribers in the Czech Republic as well as nearly 600K viewers in Slovakia. Most recently FilmBox also gained additional 200K subscribers on other cable & IPTV networks.




While FilmBox is already a highly recognized brand among TV viewers in the Czech Republic, the programming offer on the channel will continue to grow stronger throughout 2018 with an attractive line-up of movie premieres and highly-acclaimed television series that have been previously broadcast only on FilmBox and other premium channels.
In February FilmBox will air TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, the third installment of The Twilight Saga film series as well as the acclaimed BBC’s epic historical drama WAR AND PEACE based on Leo Tolstoy's timeless novel. Also this February FilmBox viewers will get to enjoy a number of popular romantic films including LA DELICATESSE with Audrey Tatou portraying a young French widow who is eventually courted by a clumsy Swedish co-worker. On Valentine’s Day FilmBox will present LAST NIGHT, a drama romance starring two famous Hollywood female movie stars - Keira Nightly and Eva Mendes. Those FilmBox viewers who crave a solid dose of humor will have a blast watching ASTERIX AND OBELIX: GOD SAVE BRITANNIA and TAXI 4, the hilarious French comedy produced by Luc Besson.

Every day FilmBox audiences may choose from a variety of movie genres: dramas, comedies, thrillers, action, horrors and popular TV series from the world’s top producers and suppliers including BBC Worldwide and FreemantleMedia International. Most of the movies presented on the FilmBox channel star prominent Hollywood actors: Johnny Depp, Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Hardy, Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts and many others.

FilmBox channels are part of the SPI’s TV portfolio. In addition to FilmBox, the following SPI channels are available in the Czech Republic: FilmBox Premium HD, FilmBox Extra HD, FilmBox Plus, FilmBox Family, FilmBox Art House, DocuBox HD, FightBox HD, FashionBox HD, Fast&FunBox HD, 360TuneBox, Erox HD and Eroxxx HD.

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SPI/FILMBOX channels now available on WhereverTV in US with multiple language options

Global media company SPI International/FILMBOX has recently launched ten international TV channels on WhereverTV which delivers OTT subscription television services to a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs, streaming media players, computers and connected TVs.

Based on the distribution deal signed by SPI and WhereverTV Broadcasting Corp., the OTT provider is adding all channels from SPI’s worldwide TV portfolio including several featuring multiple language options: FilmBox Art House  – an independent movie channel featuring world cinema classics (in English, Spanish, Russian and Polish)FightBox – a 24/7 martial arts channel (in English, Spanish, Russian and Polish)DocuBox – a network presenting documentaries on wild life, travel, history and science (in English, Spanish and Russian)FashionBox – a native HD fashion channel; Fast&FunBox with adrenaline and adventure sports, 360TuneBox – a music channel with independent and breakthrough videos as well as Gametoon – a new, interactive eSports channel for millennials. The line-up also features FilmBox Russia for Russian speaking viewers and two channels broadcast in Polish: Kino Polska International and Kino Polska Muzyka.  
WhereverTV is the next generation subscription television service providing consumers with live streaming, genre-specific, and in-language viewing choices from around the world.  WhereverTV’s channels are broadcast securely over the Internet and channel management is handled by the company's patented Interactive Program Guide (IPG) technology.
“We are excited to make our channels available on WhereverTV and to team up with this innovative streaming platform to provide diverse types of programming to both ethnic and general audiences,” says Stacey Sobel, executive VP of SPI International.

“WhereverTV is transitioning from a development to operational company and in doing so we have refined our 2018 business model,” said Edward D. Ciofani, CEO. “Our business model calls for content acquisition from around the world, exclusive content development, Major Marketing Alliances, similar to the announced Google Chromecast for Latin America and major marketing initiatives including social media marketing. We are pleased to kick off the New Year with our first new content deal with SPI International/FILMBOX. “There are a lot of content providers (channel providers) around the world that offer a uniquely diversified perspective of cultures, travel and lifestyle content. SPI International/FILMBOX is one of those unique companies that I believe our customers, if they haven’t already, will gravitate too!” Edward D. Ciofani, CEO went on to say.

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Gametoon HD debuts on INEA in Poland

Global media group SPI International / FILMBOX is introducing its flagship interactive eSports channel GAMETOON HD to viewers in Poland on INEA, one of the leading providers of multimedia services in the country.

Gametoon HD is now available to all INEA’s customers who have an HD cable box. Gametoon, developed by SPI International/FILMBOX, is a worldwide entertainment TV channel for millennials revolving around gaming and eSports. The channel features highlights of popular video games, entertainment content from gaming youtubers, video game tournaments (e-sports) with million dollar prize pools and much more.


Gametoon HD

Gametoon partners up with respected gaming influencers to provide entertainment content rich with insights and tips on how to improve gaming skills. With Stream Nation and Let’s Play shows Gametoon offers a chance to learn more about such titles as Hearthstone, Overwatch, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Street Fighter V and more.

“The launch of Gametoon on Inea gives Polish viewers access to some of the great gaming and eSports programming which aims at reconnecting young generations of viewers to television,” said Berk Uziyel, executive director of SPI International / Filmbox.

Gametoon HD is distributed in Poland by Kino Polska TV S.A., an SPI International’s subsidiary which also operates several movie and thematic channels carried by all major DTH platforms and cable networks in Poland and throughout the CEE region. The channel portfolio includes: Kino Polska, Kino TV, FilmBox Premium HD, FilmBox Extra HD, FilmBox Action, FilmBox Family and FilmBox ArtHouse which are all movie channels. The thematic bundle features Kino Polska Muzyka, DocuBox HD, FightBox HD, FunBox UHD, Fast&FunBox HD, 360 Tunebox, FashionBox HD, as well as two adult networks - Erox HD and Eroxxx HD.

Gametoon HD is also available in the U.S., Luxembourg, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, North Africa and Latin America.

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