SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group launches channels in Cameroon

Global TV operator SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group has signed an agreement with Swecom Cameroon, a local TV service which will carry eight channels from the SPI's portfolio.

The SPI’s French-language package on Swecom will be comprised of two movie channels - FilmBox Africa and FilmBox Art House, two sports channels – FightBox and Fast&FunBox, a documentary channel called DocuBox, an international music channel 360TuneBox, FashionBox - world's first HD TV network devoted to fashion, and a millennials gaming channel Gametoon.

“As we are committed to expanding our distribution footprint in Africa we are happy to have signed an agreement with Swecom marking our first launch in Cameroon,” said Amit Karni, SPI’s Head of Sales for Africa..

SPI’s channels are already carried by numerous DTH platforms, cable networks, IPTVs and Mobile TVs throughout the African continent.

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SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group launches channels in Liberia

Global TV operator SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group will launch nine networks on a new IPTV service, operated by K3 Telecom in Liberia.

The channels include a popular film network FilmBox Africa, world cinema channel  FilmBox Art House, sports-skewing duo FightBox HD and Fast&FunBox HD and factual network DocuBox HD, which explores nature, science, culture and human civilization. Subscribers in Liberia will also have access to FashionBox HD, which is devoted to fashion and shopping, music channel 360 TuneBox, Gametoon – an interactive gaming/Esports channel and NatureVision TV, a relaxation channel.
SPI’s channel pack for Africa, which is to debut on K3 Telecom in Liberia, offers a rich variety of programming including a large selection of popular American and European movies and TV series on FilmBox Africa channel. True fans of world’s cinema will enjoy watching the masterpieces by such prominent directors as Kurosawa, Fellini or Hitchock in addition to the award-winning festival movies presented on FilmBox Art House. Fight sports lovers will get a full doze of international martial arts content as well as live MMA and kickboxing events on FightBox HD. Another sports channel to be part of the bouquet is Fast&FunBox, offering an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping medley of extreme sports, from car racing and motocross to snowboarding and skateboarding. DocuBox brings the best documentary films covering nature, science, culture and human civilization. FashionBox channel devoted to fashion and shopping K3 Telecom’s customers will also have access to 360 TuneBox, a new music channel presenting independent, breakthrough artists and the art of music video from all over the world. The two channels recently added to the bundle include Gametoon intended for millennials and the relaxation channel NatureVision TV.
“We aim to further expand our reach across the African continent by delivering top quality thematic content and TV channels to new audiences,” said Amit Karni, SPI’s Head of Distribution Africa.

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SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group boosts UHD library with new music and time-lapse content

Global TV operator and 4K content aggregator SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group has recently expanded its Ultra HD offering with new acquisitions from Paramax Films and Principal Media. 

SPI has acquired rights from Paramax to three 4K recordings of live concerts performed at the prestigious Singapore Jazz Festival. One of the concerts features multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer, Taylor McFerrin - the eldest son of famous jazz singer Bobby McFerrin. The other two present performances by a Toronto-based jazz, hiphop trio BadBadNotGood and Seun Kuti, whose father Fela was the founder and undisputed king of Afrobeat.
SPI also signed an agreement with Principal Media acquiring worldwide rights to 4K videos shot by the time-lapse guru Randy Halverson. Shot over an eight-month period, the videos give a mind-boggling look at the night sky in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah. Photographer Randy Halverson captures the rural heartland of the American Mid-West against the backdrop of the Milky Way. UHD time lapse sky

SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group has been committed to expanding its library of Ultra HD content in order to boost programming of the Group’s FUNBOX UHD linear channel which is broadcast in Ultra HD quality as well as a stand-alone streaming app which gives users access to a variety of native UHD content on UHD streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV.

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SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group launches multi-language bundle on Sling TV

SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group is launching six international thematic channels in the U.S. on Sling TV, Dish Network’s over the top streaming service.

The SPI’s channel bundle on Sling TV includes: DocuBox HD, FightBox HD, FashionBox HD, Fast&FunBox HD, 360TuneBox and NatureVision TV.  The service already carries two ethnic channels from the SPI’s portfolio – Kino Polska International and Kino Polska Muzyka International, which cater to the Polish-American viewers.

Sling TV is a new live and on demand app-based TV service that allows subscribers to watch TV channels on their mobile devices, desktop computers, and TV devices like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire. With Sling, customers can view TV programming from the U.S. market and around the world, in a convenient, Internet-delivered platform.  In order to serve viewers from various ethnic groups in the U.S., Sling TV has launched SPI’s channels in English and Polish.

“SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group is excited to expand its channel portfolio on Sling TV” said Stacey Sobel, executive VP of SPI International. “We are looking forward to adding new channels in the future in order to serve both English-language and ethnic audiences.”

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