FilmBox +

FilmBox Plus

Introducing FilmBox+

FilmBox+ combines the “lean-back” and on-demand viewing experiences by providing instant access to an extensive VOD catalogue and live channels on any internet-connected device. 

FilmBox+’s well-curated selection of content from major global distributors features Hollywood blockbusters with world-famous stars, independent world cinema gems, TV series, documentaries, lifestyle programming and much more. In addition to its vast VOD library, FilmBox+ also offers a variety of channels covering movies and thematic content that cater to all kinds of tastes to help viewers avoid the hassle of choosing what to watch.

Available platforms

FilmBox Plus Platforms

Coming soon

FilmBoxPlus Coming Soon platforms

FilmBox+ Features

  • Vast VOD and channel collection
  • Available on all screens: Web, mobile & Smart TV
  • Chromecast & Airplay Support
  • Easy operator integration with various models
  • Different payment options
  • Detailed analytics
  • Responsive customer and marketing support

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