Zoom TV

Zoom TV is a universal DTT channel with a diverse programming offer featuring lifestyle formats, infotainment, local community news coverage, documentaries as well as movies and TV series.

The new network airs several shows produced by Grupa Onet, Poland's leading online media company, which are hosted by some of the most popular TV personalities in the country. Vital part of the content is supplied by local TV and cable networks associated with PIKE, the Polish Chamber for Electronic Communication whose PIKSEL Foundation is the other shareholder, next to SPI's Kino Polska TV S.A., in Cable Television Networks & Partners, Zoom TV’s broadcaster. 

Zoom TV is the second DTT channel in the Kino Polska TV's portfolio in Poland. The new channel is available on the eighth DTT multiplex and is also carried by all major cable networks in Poland including UPC, Multimedia, Toya and Inea.