What to Watch on FILMSTREAM This Month

February, the month of love, is already here with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. I am not the biggest fan of this holiday as I believe that we should cherish our loved ones every day of the year and express that love every chance that we get. BUT, I do see it as the perfect time to watch romantic movies and immerse myself in stories of romance that we only get to experience in movies. 

This month, FILMSTREAM’s slate of critically-acclaimed movies and world cinema classics brings a selection of wonderful movies that focus on all aspects of love. Check out our list here. 

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Penelope, a mother of three, is fed up with her philandering husband. She finally finds the courage in herself to leave him to live at her grandma’s house. His interest is ignited when he finds love letters that belong to his wife, indicating a past love affair. Penelope, on the other hand, decides to follow her heart which leads her to her past lover, a Spanish painter, only to discover that he is terminally ill. Passionate, intriguing and honest, Vaniglia e Cioccolato, by Italian director Ciro Ippolito, showcases that love can be many things - all at once. 

2. CHARADE (1963) 

Funny, exciting, romantic and suspenseful, Charade stars Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. It is the only movie the two ever made together, in spite of Grant’s insistence on wanting to work with Hepburn again. He was quoted as saying, "all I want for Christmas is to make another movie with Audrey Hepburn," after the filming had ended. In Charade, romance and suspense ensue in Paris as a woman is pursued by several men who want a fortune her murdered husband had stolen. Whom can she trust? This one is a must-see for those who enjoy classics and old-Hollywood glam.


Mesmerizing Italian scenery, beautiful people, love and deception… All the key ingredients you would want in a fun romantic comedy! In Cristiano Bortone’s 10 Rules for Falling in Love, a womanizer father teaches his clumsy son the decalogue of seduction: ten foolproof rules to make any woman fall in love. But the results are not what they expected. 

4. UNIVITELLIN (2016) 

This 2016 short by writer/director Terence Nance takes the viewer on a trip to Marseille, France in pursuit of a love story that will change the course of two people’s lives. Aminata works as a hairdresser in an Afro hairdressing salon, Badara works as a mechanic. When they meet, their love story will be like no other. Univitellin won the Golden Gate Award for Best Narrative Short at San Francisco International Film Festival in 2017. Make sure to watch it this month. 


From the legendary Italian director Roberto Rossellini comes Journey to Italy, starring the Academy Award-winning actors Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders. The movie chronicles the life of an unhappily married couple as they attempt to find direction and insight while vacationing in Naples. The movie received stellar reviews from critics. Michael Atkinson of the Village Voice described the movie as, “close to watching strangers suffer loneliness despite being together. It can leave an aching bruise, but only if you’re paying attention.”  

In addition, this month on Pluto TV Filmstream, we are traveling to South America.

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