New Year, New You?

A new year has already begun, and if you are like me, you’ve probably come up with a long list of resolutions to accomplish in 2022. To be honest, the phrase “New Year, New Me” is a bit ambitious and unrealistic for my taste so, in light of having set *attainable* goals this year - fingers crossed! -  I have decided to change this motto to “New Year, Improved Me”. We all have areas that can use a little improvement in our lives, whether it be personal or professional, and the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to self-reflect and take action.     

If you have "taking up a new hobby" or “trying new things” in your list of resolutions but don’t really know where to start, SPI’s documentary and lifestyle channels can help ignite that spark of inspiration. 

Here are some things you can try this year, inspired by Fast&FunBox, DocuBox and FunBox UHD.


One of my resolutions for the new year is to try an adrenaline-filled sports activity. In fact, my exact words were, “I want to do something where I can feel the wind in my hair.” What better way to feel the wind in my hair than to take up skiing? Before I put on my ski boots and hop onto the snow for real, I have decided to virtually travel to Andorra, Austria and Switzerland to witness the thrilling world of professional skiers and snowboarders with Freeride World Tour on Fast&FunBox this month. 

If you are an adrenaline seeker but skiing is not your cup of tea, Fast&FunBox can lead you to your next big adventure with hundreds of hours of programming dedicated to an impressive array of disciplines such as racing, motocross, boating, sailing, skateboarding, skydiving, rock climbing, and more. Take your pick.

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Sometimes the best way to learn about a country is to eat your way around it. As an impatient Sagittarius with the travel bug running laps in my system, I love exploring new cultures through their local delicacies and cuisines. That’s why food and travel series such as Max Foodie on FunBox UHD are my favorites as they allow the viewers to discover the places they have never been by providing a glimpse into the lives of their people and their culinary culture. 

Maximum Foodie is a food and travel series in search of stories and experiences on the cutting edge of the culinary world. It showcases the best chefs in different countries, tackles the most interesting culinary topics that thrill, fascinate and intrigue food lovers worldwide. It's a series full of hands-on exploration, spanning across all the continents and proving that food is the common thread that unites us all. Maybe this show will inspire you to book your next trip to somewhere you haven’t even heard of yet. The possibilities are endless! 


In Buddhism, the human mind is described as a drunken monkey running wildly within six windows - five of which represent our sensory impressions and the sixth that stands for our mental state, including our thoughts and memories. The monkey is all over the place and with meditation practice the meditator can learn to tame the monkey and elevate his concentration. If you are curious about the concrete effects of meditation on the brain, check out Mind in Motion on DocuBox this month, a documentary series that takes the viewer on a journey into the depths of the brain and to the very sources of consciousness.

Mind in Motion proposes scientific answers to some of the most enigmatic questions about our brain, our mental mechanisms and the connection between body and mind, such as: How can we decide whether a person in a coma is likely to return to consciousness? How can a person see with the tongue? Why do amputees experience phantom sensations in missing limbs? What do we have in common with the fruit fly? 

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If you are like me, you tend to complain from time to time about “having no clothes to wear” which obviously translates to “I actually do own quite a substantial amount of clothing. I just don’t want to wear any of them right now because I want something new.” Since buying something new everyday is practically impossible without breaking the bank, why not jazz up what you already have with a little bit of creativity? Social Fabric on FunBox UHD might help you on this quest. 

Social Fabric is a documentary/lifestyle series led by millennial designer Kyle Ng who travels the world to find out what certain garments, fabrics and clothing mean, its cultural significance, origins and its future. 


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