Coffee Break with Mahmut Tezcan

Let's take a #CoffeeBreak with... Mahmut Tezcan, SPI's Digital Content Manager ☕

1) Which movie could you watch on-repeat and never get bored?
- Hard to answer that but I think The Pianist is the one. Biographies and movies that are inspired by or based on true stories always captivate me. I'm more interested in real-life stories as opposed to fiction in terms of the cinematic universe. The Pianist tells a powerful story and showcases superb performances.

2) What is your favorite SPI/FilmBox brand and why?
- My favorite brand is Filmbox+. We are operating our flagship streaming service globally. It has everything from world cinema gems to blockbusters, from documentaries to live channels. There's always good content to watch for viewers with different tastes.

3) What are your personal and professional goals for the new year?
- Personally, I'm willing to keep myself healthy, both mentally and physically, during the ongoing pandemic. My professional goals are a bit more layered