"The Future of TV Experience" by Haymi Behar @ NEM 2022


In the age of streaming wars and major players churning out new content almost on the daily, entertainment experiences have been transforming drastically. How can media companies survive and thrive in such ever-changing times? In his keynote session entitled The Future of TV Experience: What's Next?, SPI CMO & CDO Haymi Behar sheds a light on the convergence of digital and linear TV viewing experiences, elaborating on the importance of quality curation in addressing choice stress that stems from platform inflation and content abundance. In addition, Behar covers SPI's multiple digital operations that make the company an important margin maker and revenue generator for its operator partners. Check out the full presentation. 

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Case Study: Film1 - Lean Back, Start Watching

Did you know that you spend up to an entire movie time scrolling every month? There are so many options to choose from when deciding what to watch that even picking the platform can be a hassle.

Let’s say you’ve finally decided on a platform, now you have to pick something to watch from a wide array of selections. Are you looking for an action flick or something more romantic? Feeling more like watching a movie you haven’t seen yet or one of those classics that you’ve probably seen a hundred times before? You've finally thought of a movie to watch but it's not on that particular platform. Time to go back to scrolling until you find something new.  

At this stage, four out of ten viewers give up on even watching anything. Have you ever realized how much hidden stress you endure before you get to enjoy a movie or a show? Further research says more than 1 million Dutch viewers waste on average 30 min of precious time scrolling. (Telecom Paper, 2021)

If time is of the essence, stop scrolling, get comfortable and start watching Film1.

Film1 eliminates the stress of endless scrolling by providing a good selection of movies suitable for every taste with its four linear channels - Film1 Premiere, Film1 Drama, Film1 Action, Film1 Family - as well as on its premium streaming service.

Basing our campaign on Telecom Paper's research, we used witty slogans of time-consuming activities to create a link to the time viewers waste searching for a movie. Our aim was to increase awareness among consumers and to connect with them by offering Film1 as the solution for a hassle-free entertainment experience. Your time is valuable and with four linear channels and a carefully curated on-demand service, you don't have to waste it by scrolling endlessly. 


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SPI/FilmBox @ New Europe Market (June 2022)

That's a wrap on NEM 2022 where a team of SPI executives led by Berk Uziyel, was among the attendees. Thank you for having coffee with us and joining Haymi Behar for his keynote session on the future of TV experience! 

In his keynote session, Behar reflected on the convergence of the linear & digital viewing experiences and what this means for payTV platforms and streamers. He elaborated on the ways in which SPI tackles the challenges brought forth by the ever-changing audience demands. He emphasized the importance of quality curation in addressing decision fatigue that stems from platform inflation and content abundance. He also underlined SPI's position as a key partner to operators when building a great TV product.

Please stay tuned for the on-demand link. 
We hope to meet you again next year at New Europe Market (NEM).

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