SPI launches Gametoon and FilmBox Art House networks on Sling TV

SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group has launched two additional thematic channels in the U.S. on Sling TV.

The newly added SPI networks are Gametoon and FilmBox Art House. They are now available to viewers in the U.S. as part of the English bonus pack.

Gametoon HD

Gametoon is a worldwide entertainment TV channel for millennials revolving around gaming and eSports. The channel gives its viewers a unique opportunity to play games on their mobile devices and share scores along with avatars on air. Gametoon features game reviews, tournaments (eSports), popular streamers, viral content fueled with best of the Web and much more.
FilmBox Art House is an international award-winning movie network which presents masterpieces of world cinema as well as a diverse selection of festival films and independent productions from all around the globe.
Sling TV already carries multiple channels from SPI’s worldwide TV portfolio including DocuBox HD, FightBox HD, FashionBox HD, Fast&FunBox HD, 360TuneBox and NatureVision TV.  The service also offers two ethnic channels from the SPI’s portfolio – Kino Polska International and Kino Polska Muzyka International, which cater to the Polish-American viewers.

“SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group is excited to expand its channel portfolio on Sling TV” said Stacey Sobel, executive VP of SPI International. “Young generations are watching content through online devices. It’s time to reconnect to TV. Gametoon is a new generation TV channel,” added Ms. Sobel.