SES and SPI/FILMBOX Sign Capacity Deal to Distribute HD Channels in Latin America

SPI/FILMBOX will bring up to 10 HD channels to Latin America through SES’s NSS-806 satellite.

SES, the world-leading satellite operator, announced today that it has signed a multi-year capacity agreement with SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group, a global media company that operates more than 30 TV channels, to support the company’s expansion in Latin America and distribute its HD channels in the region.


SPI will extend its reach in Latin America thanks to the C-band capacity of NSS-806, which covers the entire region in one single beam and is capable of reaching about 90% of all pay TV subscribers in South America. SPI will broadcast its premium content to cable operators and DTH providers from the U.S, bringing up to 10 HD channels to the region: FightBox HD, FashionBox HD, DocuBox HD, Fast&FunBox HD, 360TuneBox HD, FilmBox Art House, Gametoon, NatureVision TV, Erox HD and Eroxxx HD.
NSS-806 is located at the prime orbital position 47.5 degrees West and was one of the key satellites to transmit the Olympics Games from Rio de Janeiro to the rest of the world last year. The SPI channels are eventually expected to move to SES-14, which is scheduled for launch this year and will replace NSS-806.
“We are very pleased to start this relationship with SPI, and we are looking forward to bringing its HD content to new audiences”, said Jurandir Pitsch, Vice President Sales for South Latin America at SES. “SPI will benefit from NSS-806’s high penetration of DTH and cable head-ends in Latin America. This partnership demonstrates that satellite remains the ideal infrastructure to deliver high picture quality content to a large audience, either directly or by feeding cable head-ends”.
“For over 25 years, we have been a leading supplier of theatrical films and television programming in the international market and, with SES expertise, we will be able to get closer to our target audience in Latin America”, said Loni Farhi, President of SPI International/FILMBOX Channels Group. “As one of the largest aggregators of native Ultra HD content in the world, we expect that in the near future our partnership with SES will enable us to expand our HD offering in Latin America with content in the new TV format.”

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SPI signs deal with Eutelsat to pursue international expansion across the Americas

SPI to distribute 10 HD channels and one of the first Ultra HD channels in Latin America

SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group, a rapidly-expanding global media company, has signed a multi-year multi-satellite agreement with Eutelsat Americas, a subsidiary of Eutelsat Communications, to distribute ten HD channels and one Ultra HD channel to homes across the Americas.


eutelsat communications

Starting on March 1st, SPI International will leverage two Eutelsat satellites to take its channels to a broad audience across the region. EUTELSAT 113 West A will be used to distribute channels in the United States and Spanish-speaking Latin America, while the premium reach of the new EUTELSAT 65 West A satellite will enable SPI to serve regionalized content to operators in Brazil. Play-out and uplink services, along with the technical management of the platform, will be provided by United Teleports in Miami.

SPI’s offer will feature many of its reference channels, including DocuBox HD, 360TuneBox HD, FashionBox HD, Fast&FunBox HD, FightBox HD, Filmbox Art House, Gametoon and NatureVision TV. SPI will also leverage its competitive strength as one of the biggest aggregators of native Ultra HD content to offer FunBox UHD, marking the launch of one of the first Ultra HD channels in Latin America.

“We look forward to further partnering with Eutelsat and to enriching their video neighborhoods with SPI / FILMBOX HD channels while also offering homes across the Americas the highest quality native Ultra HD content on our FunBox UHD network,” said Loni Farhi, President of SPI International.

Patricio Northland, CEO of Eutelsat Americas, said: “Eutelsat has accompanied the stellar growth of SPI across multiple markets and is proud to work hand-in-hand with them to accelerate the penetration of HD and Ultra HD content in the Americas. This new package reiterates our commitment to promoting the newest technologies in order to advance the availability of quality content worldwide.

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SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group launches channels in Cameroon

Global TV operator SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group has signed an agreement with Swecom Cameroon, a local TV service which will carry eight channels from the SPI's portfolio.

The SPI’s French-language package on Swecom will be comprised of two movie channels - FilmBox Africa and FilmBox Art House, two sports channels – FightBox and Fast&FunBox, a documentary channel called DocuBox, an international music channel 360TuneBox, FashionBox - world's first HD TV network devoted to fashion, and a millennials gaming channel Gametoon.

“As we are committed to expanding our distribution footprint in Africa we are happy to have signed an agreement with Swecom marking our first launch in Cameroon,” said Amit Karni, SPI’s Head of Sales for Africa..

SPI’s channels are already carried by numerous DTH platforms, cable networks, IPTVs and Mobile TVs throughout the African continent.

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SPI/FILMBOX Channels Group launches channels in Liberia

Global TV operator SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group will launch nine networks on a new IPTV service, operated by K3 Telecom in Liberia.

The channels include a popular film network FilmBox Africa, world cinema channel  FilmBox Art House, sports-skewing duo FightBox HD and Fast&FunBox HD and factual network DocuBox HD, which explores nature, science, culture and human civilization. Subscribers in Liberia will also have access to FashionBox HD, which is devoted to fashion and shopping, music channel 360 TuneBox, Gametoon – an interactive gaming/Esports channel and NatureVision TV, a relaxation channel.
SPI’s channel pack for Africa, which is to debut on K3 Telecom in Liberia, offers a rich variety of programming including a large selection of popular American and European movies and TV series on FilmBox Africa channel. True fans of world’s cinema will enjoy watching the masterpieces by such prominent directors as Kurosawa, Fellini or Hitchock in addition to the award-winning festival movies presented on FilmBox Art House. Fight sports lovers will get a full doze of international martial arts content as well as live MMA and kickboxing events on FightBox HD. Another sports channel to be part of the bouquet is Fast&FunBox, offering an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping medley of extreme sports, from car racing and motocross to snowboarding and skateboarding. DocuBox brings the best documentary films covering nature, science, culture and human civilization. FashionBox channel devoted to fashion and shopping K3 Telecom’s customers will also have access to 360 TuneBox, a new music channel presenting independent, breakthrough artists and the art of music video from all over the world. The two channels recently added to the bundle include Gametoon intended for millennials and the relaxation channel NatureVision TV.
“We aim to further expand our reach across the African continent by delivering top quality thematic content and TV channels to new audiences,” said Amit Karni, SPI’s Head of Distribution Africa.

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