FUNBOX 4K/UHD debuts in Romania

SPI International / FILMBOX Channel Group has recently launched FUNBOX 4K/UHD channel on INES IPTV platform in Romania.

FUNBOX 4K/UHD was launched last week becoming the first premium TV channel in 4K/UHD standard in the country. FUNBOX 4K/UHD features compelling prime time programming such as LA BOHEME – a cinematic opera captured in UHD and THE SEA CHEF – a documentary series hosted by Ángel León, a two-Michelin starred chef who goes for authentic sea flavor all over the coast of Spain. FUNBOX 4K/UHD also airs native UHD documentaries on nature, wildlife, human civilization, music videos, sports and arts/culture content.  

FunBox UHD Ultra HD

With FUNBOX 4K/UHD, the audience may enjoy more nuance and detail, exceptional contrast dynamics and extended colors - the best TV experience possible today.  FUNBOX 4K/UHD is now available to INES IPTV clients through the most advanced access technology known as Gigabit Passive Optical Networks – GPON.
"We are very glad to have introduced our UHD channel on Ines platform," says Berk Uziyel, executive director for SPI International / FILMBOX. "It is important for us to expand our UHD distribution footprint into new markets such us Romania following our recent launches in Portugal, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Turkey," Mr. Uziyel added.

"4K/UHD is the most innovative TV technology, now available in our country through INES Group. We are permanently focused on the technological evolution to offer our clients a different experience, to make a difference from all the offers on the market. If in 2005 we were launching the first IPTV service in the market, now it is the time to take this service to the next level – the first 4k/UHD channel,declared Catalin Cuturelea – Operations Director, INES GROUP.

SPI International is a member of the UHD Alliance, the inter-industry group charged with fostering the Ultra HD ecosystem and promoting the benefits of Ultra HD entertainment technology. 

INES GROUP the biggest independent telecommunication operator in Bucharest, offering B2B and B2C services. For business segment, INES group offers services like dedicated access through optic fiber, IT&C services, fix telephony, Data Center services (equipment colocation, virtual private servers, dedicated servers etc) and integrated IT&C projects.
For the residential segment, INES offers the first and most performant IPTV service in Romania – IP television through optic fiber, offering the highest number of TV channels on the market and for the first time in Romania the first 4K/UHD channel – as part of the INES IPTV package along with broadband and fix line services.


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Kino Polska TV and PIKSEL Foundation launch DTT channel “Zoom TV” on MUX-8 in Poland

Zoom TV is broadcast by Cable Television Networks & Partners whose shareholders are Kino Polska TV S.A. Group and PIKSEL Foundation established by PIKE, the Polish Chamber for Electronic Communication. Zoom TV is the second DTT channel in the Kino Polska TV's portfolio in Poland.

Zoom TV debuted as a linear channel on Polish DTT network on October 25th, 2016 during the annual PIKE conference in Łódź, Poland. The new channel is available on the eighth DTT multiplex and is also carried by all major cable networks in Poland including UPC, Multimedia, Toya and Inea.

Zoom TV is a universal channel with a diverse programming offer featuring lifestyle formats, infotainment, local community news coverage, documentaries as well as movies and TV series. The new network airs several shows produced by Grupa Onet, Poland's leading online media company, which are hosted by some of the most popular TV personalities in the country: Jarosław Kuźniar and Bartosz Węglarczyk. Zoom TV is also presenting an original program hosted by well-known journalist Piotr Najsztub. Vital part of the content is supplied by local TV and cable networks associated with PIKE, the Polish Chamber for Electronic Communication whose PIKSEL Foundation is the other shareholder, next to Kino Polska TV S.A., in Cable Television Networks & Partners, Zoom TV’s broadcaster
“We are actually working on three Zoom channels. The first one has just debuted on DTT in Poland and now we are focusing on delivering it to every household. Zoom 2 will be interactive and launched soon, in spring 2017. We hope that DTT viewers will enjoy new interactive features and will be more willing to connect their TVs to the Internet. Zoom 3 will be an international version of Zoom TV dedicated to Polish communities abroad.  We will offer this channel just before the end of the first half of next year” – explained Bogusław Kisielewski, President of the Kino Polska TV S.A. Capital Group. SPI International BV is the majority stakeholder of Kino Polska TV S.A.
In March 2014 Kino Polska TV (in a joint venture backed by Polish media holding Agora S.A.) succesfully launched STOPKLATKA TV, the first movie channel on Poland’s DTT network.
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SPI's FILMBOX channels get new viewers in Africa

SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group launched its usual “8 channel pack” on Zip TV, a new IPTV platform in Africa, according to an agreement which the global TV operator signed with Broadband Home Ltd.

The pack is comprised of eight movie and thematic channels: FilmBox, FilmBox Art House, FightBox, Fast&FunBox, FashionBox, DocuBox, 360TuneBox and Gametoon.
With the launch of the FilmBox brand channels Zip TV subscribers shall enjoy a variety of rich programming including some of the popular BBC dramas and ITV’s fantasy series Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.
True fans of world cinema will enjoy watching the masterpieces by such prominent directors as Kurosawa, Fellini or Hitchcock in addition to the award-winning festival movies presented on FilmBox Art House, an international film channel which received the EUTELSAT TV Award in the Best Cinema category.   
Fight sports lovers will get a full doze of international martial arts content as well as live MMA and kickboxing events on FightBox HD. Another sports channel in the bouquet is Fast&FunBox HD, offering an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping medley of extreme sports, from car racing and motocross to snowboarding and skateboarding. DocuBox HD brings the best documentary films covering nature, science, culture and human civilization. FashionBox HD channel is devoted to fashion and shopping. The subscribers in Ghana will also have access to 360 Tune Box HD, a music channel presenting independent, breakthrough artists and the art of music video from all over the world.  Last but not least is Gametoon, a newly launched channel with interactive gaming/second screen gaming, gamereviews, tournaments esports and viral content.

SPI International / Filmbox International, a leading supplier of theatrical films and television programming in the international market continue to expand in Africa. SPI’s channels are currently carried by numerous DTH platforms, cable networks and IPTVs throughout the continent.

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SPI / FILMBOX Channels Group introduces new generation TV channel Gametoon

SPI International / FILMBOX Channels Group is launching a new interactive channel Gametoon - the global TV operator has announced at MIPCOM in Cannes, France.

Gametoon features  interactive gaming/second screen gaming, game reviews, tournaments esports and viral content fueled with best of the Web and much more. The channel gives its viewers a unique opportunity to play dedicated games on their mobile devices and share scores along with social profile pictures on air. 


Viewers may enjoy playing second screen casual games dedicated to channel that follow one simple rule - easy to play, hard to master. They join the fun instantly by picking one of many casual titles and watch how they advance in Gametoon global ranking. 

Gametoon will feature live esports events along with information on the teams and games. Channel’s programming includes game reviews, tips and tutorials, along with fun facts and stories about games creation process. 
“Young generations are watching content through online devices. It’s time to reconnect to TV. We would like to give millennials something to watch in their traditional cable box," explains Berk Uziyel, SPI's Executive Director. “With Gametoon, viewers may follow esports and watch top gamers compete against each other in global tournaments. 

Gametoon has officially premiered at MIPCOM and will soon be launched on DISH, America’s top satellite/cable TV provider and Turkcell, the leading mobile phone operator in Turkey.

The channel is available for worldwide distribution: DTH, Cable, IPTV, Mobile TV and Smart TV. 
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